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LAE UniServ Director, Grant Shreiner

At the WPSS employee protest last week, I met Mr. Grant Shreiner, UniServ Director for Louisiana Association of Educators, an affiliate of the National Association of Educators (

Mr. Grant and I sparked a conversation where he immediately noticed my passion for all things Franklinton, especially my support for the WPSS staff and support staff's cause. When What's Happening Franklinton? was mentioned, Mr. Grant shared with me that WHF could be very useful in keeping the community engaged, involved and informed about the current state of events. We exchanged contact info and later he asked if I would be interested in interviewing him. Honestly, I was hesitant. I personally don't feel that I am qualified to conduct such an interview. I certainly am not a journalist nor member of the press by any means. Nevrtheless, I reluctantly agreed. However, after much consideration and prayer. I have decided not to publish the interview. I apologize if this inconveniences anyone, but my loyalty is always to the people of this community, first and foremost. I do believe that our WPSS staff and support staff deserve to have union representation. So I will ask that if they have questions that reach out to Mr. Grant ( and do some research on LAE ( That way they can make their own informed decision about what is best for them. I truly appreciate Mr. Grant believing that I was up to the challenge. But I, myself, feel like I was not and don't think it would be of benefit to anyone to publish it at this time. Love Y'all!

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