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RUMOR!!!: FHS decides not to renew contract with BHS

I'm late to the game. (LOL) There is a post circulating on Facebook claiming that FHS has decided to end the 100 year rivalry with BHS. I will be the first to say, just the thought of ending the contract doesn't sit well with me. However, there is no information, yet, to substantiate this rumor. One comment, on one to the many Facebook posts sharing the Bogalusa Tribune article states, "This isn’t even a reputable newspaper an entire article based off rumors only to enrage the community. They didn’t do their job as a reporter and get BOTH sides of the story. This isn’t confirmed. Consider the source. #fakenews"

And another comment says "This is a article based off of rumors with zero confirmation from either side. Not saying it won’t be cancelled but until there’s something concrete and factual everyone should relax" Let's not put the cart before the horse here, please!

Love Y'all!

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