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So, How about that WPSS Settlement, huh!!

$2500 for certificated (teachers) and $1500 for non certificated (support staff)? Cool! And a 5% payroll increase? Sounds great! Oh, but only the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent are excluded. Wait, WHAT?! So you're telling me that EVERYONE ELSE at central office is included? There's no way that the compensation committee knew that when they agreed to this settlement! If you can stipulate that the top 2 are excluded, you very well could have stipulated it for employees making less than, I don't know, say, $50k (arbitrary figure). It would have went a heck of a lot further and far better served those on the FRONT LINES! And that 5% should be on the average salary, NOT across the board! Again, you are giving the people at the top more while the ones at the bottom get peanuts. Don't get me wrong, not everyone at central office should be excluded. You have people at central office who are teetering on that poverty level line as well! All I am saying is, you cannot expect people to take this settlement seriously when you are blatantly overlooking why employees were upset in the first place. Side Note: Why do you care so much about who talks to me? On at least 3 separate occasions, that I know of, y'all are asking people if or why they are talking to me. Why do you want to know? My goal is never to make any of you look bad. I would love nothing more than to showcase a thriving WPSS. And when I say "the board" or "WPSS" I am speaking of the governing body, not any individual. Therefore, if you have taken anything I have ever said about WPSS personally, ask yourself why. Respectfully, Tori

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