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Whew! Today is Gonna be a Busy Day!

Y'all wish me luck! Today I will be doing my first ever interview. I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I am going to be talking to Mr. Grant Shreiner, the UniServ Director from the Louisiana Association of Educators. I pulled this excerpt from their website, "LAE represents the professionals working in Louisiana's K-12 public school system. Members are teachers, paraprofessionals, counselors, psychologists, librarians, food service workers, school secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, and other non-supervisory certificated personnel. Membership in the association allows educators to draw upon the expertise of their colleagues to help advance in the education profession." In Washington Parish we seem to always be leery of outsiders, even and maybe more so of ones who say they are here to help. If you have lived here for any amount of time you know that, for the most part we keep our heads down and don't rock the boat. Well Mr. Grant has shown up on the scene and is definitely rocking WPSS's boat! Nevertheless, as is usually the case, some are skeptical. As one person told me, "It's easy to swoop in when emotions are high and look like a 'saving grace'." Consequently, Mr. Grant would like to try to put some minds at ease. He has asked me to sit down with him and Mrs. Regina Baillio to ask them some questions about the recent staff walk out. As per the WP mindset, my very first thought was to protect one of our own, Mrs Regina. I have seen how the suits come in and spin things, so I told him "Only if Mrs Regina is ok with it, then I will." Upon speaking with her she agreed to meet today. So you guys be on the lookout for my very first interview. It will probably not be posted until later this evening because I will be attending and speaking at the school board meeting at 5:30, nervous about that too (lol). Love Y'all!

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